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Even though TCR is a fairly new idea, we are not at all new to the industry. We've seen multiple sides to the escort industry and know what works and what parts are flawed. We wanted to create a platform where on the one hand the high-class escorts were taken care of, could advertise conveniently in a high-end environment, could work 100% independently, and had a safe space for their questions. On the other hand, we wanted to provide clients with a diverse portfolio of verified high-class escorts that have accurate photos, a clear and to the point profile, and the opportunity to contact the escorts themselves. 


Furthermore, quality control is another one of our essential values. We only work with high-class escorts, meaning that all girls over 250€/H are welcome. They need to be represented by professional pictures, we know selfies are a nice extra, but they can't be the primary way of branding. Because of this, we tend to attract intelligent, elegant, and self-supporting women that enjoy their work as a high-class escort.


As mentioned a few times before, the verification process is critical to us. We want to know that the high-class escorts that are represented on our website are the women that you will meet. We realize that through the years, there has been a growing problem in false pictures and false accounts in general. Booking an escort is a process of trust from both sides; the escorts like to know whom they will meet, and you want to know whom you are inviting into your home or hotel room. Not every companion is comfortable with a video call directly with clients, and rightfully so. Just like you, they have their private lives to protect. That is why we put so much emphasis on only having verified high-class escort girls, this way; you can skip out the annoying verification process yourself and go straight to the fun part of booking the date.


The Companionship Registry was founded in search of a new way to represent high-class escorts online. Even though traditional agencies can be beneficial in assisting escorts in booking dates, the idea of giving a % per date is starting to become a dated idea—Especially in these times where more and more escorts are becoming independent and tech-savvy. A lot of high-end girls have their own websites or social accounts, where they interact with clients. However, there seems to be a missing link between regular quality clients and independent work. That is where TCR comes into the picture. 

We are 100% female-owned and have experience in multiple facets of the escort industry. This means that in every aspect, we always have your wellbeing as a priority. Building a comfortable, sex worker-friendly environment is a must. 


Being as inclusive as possible is very important to us. We don't discriminate based on body-type, tattoos, ethnicity, or just general appearance. However, we do have some limitations:

  • We only work with high-class escorts, which means that all women that work at 250€/H or more are welcomed.

  • You must be over the age of 18

  • You must be working out of your own free will, free of any outside pressure

  • Only professional, high-quality photos are allowed. Selfies can be used as an extra.

  • We have to verify you. This can happen at a personal meeting or through a quick video call


On the one hand, you have the (financial) freedom of an escort directory. The high-class escort girls on our website pay a monthly fee for a spot on the website. This fee is the same for everyone. After that, there are no extra costs. You choose your rates and keep 100% of those profits. You also arrange your dates, the client contacts you through the info that is mentioned on your profile. Meaning you can get a feel of whom you are going to meet and decide for yourself. No stressful calls, no pressure; you are in charge of your schedule. You can work 100% independently and make all the decisions on your own. 

On the other side, we like to offer the care that an agency has. First of all, you receive a free photoshoot of 10 edited pictures after registering with us. If you wish to do a full shoot through us, that is also possible at discounted rates. For new high-class escorts or escorts that are interested in elevating their level, we offer a non-obligatory coaching presentation. Last but not least, we like to see TCR as a friend-group. We are here to answer all your questions, concerns and hear your stories. The high-class escorts that work with us tend to have an excellent track record of staying friends even after quitting the industry. We try to organize regular meet-ups where escorts can meet each other and swap stories.