'' When meeting Camila, you will always be taken aback by her beauty for a few seconds. She has a very unique, enchanting look that will charm you right away—accompanied by her classy, soft-spoken persona.


However, don't be confused; she might be innocent looking but is far from it. A gentle soul, wrapped in a lot of passion ''



I'm a bold woman in general. I am rather outgoing and like to have fun but I am selective in whom I want to have a connection with.

I can definitely say that the most daunting thing I have done so far is this! I wouldn't change a thing about my life as an escort. I still love the fact that people see me as this well-mannered young lady while I am leading this rather -scandalous- life!

I wouldn't classify myself as introvert or extrovert but simply as adaptable. I know when to engage in conversation and when to sit back and listen.

I love latin dance to keep fit and long walks in nature to enjoy the peacefullness.



Name: Camila

Age: Early 20's

Height168 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Dress size: 38

Cup size: F

Natural or enhanced: Natural

Tattoo's: None

Body type: Curvy hourglass

Orientation: Bi-curious

Ethnicity: Mixed

Gastronomic preferences: Italian, French
Travel: National and international
Incall, outcall, or both: Outcall

Smoker: No

Languages and level of mastery:

French - native

English fluent

 Spanish- advanced

Occupation: Student 

Leisure activities: Long walks, studying history, Latin dance and fine dinging

Preferred dates: Dinner and sauna dates

Favorite gifts: Lingerie



2 Hours                        650€
3 Hours                         850€

4 Hours                       1.000€
6 Hours                       1.200€
8 Hours                       1.500€
12 Hours                      2.000€
24 Hours                      3.000€

After receiving two cancelations, Camila will ask for a 25% deposit fee on the third rescheduling.

Blonde escort posing in black floral lingerie

1. What attracted you about the lifestyle to start working as a high-class escort?

In the first place, I like how much freedom it gives me to experience the things that I can't do in my normal life. It helped me build a base of self-confidence that I wish everyone had. 

Secondly, I also enjoy meeting refined gentlemen and getting to know people that I otherwise wouldn't.

2. How would you characterize yourself sexually?

I would say that I am an open-minded person. I like to try new things and add spice to the old and plain. However, I do have boundaries and need those respected.

3. What motivates you to work hard?

My biggest motivation to work hard is the thrill of getting closer to my goals every day a bit more. 

4. What makes you laugh the most?

Life is full of opportunities to laugh, I try not to miss any!

5. If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

It would be Plato, Khalil Gibran, Napoleon, and Nicolas Machiavel. I have a feeling like it might be an interesting exchange!

6. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Warning: may be extremely addictive.

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