Welcome to Ghent!

Ghent is considered by many to be Belgium's most beautiful city. With its rich history and romantic setting, it’s the perfect place for an exciting date with your high-class escort. How about you meet up at the Sint-Michiels bridge to start your date with a beautiful view over the historic city centre. Via the Graslei you and your high-end escort can start your discovery of this absolute gem of a city.

Luxury Escorts In Ghent

Once you’ve seen the impressive Gravensteen castle and the Belfort and Lakenhalle it’s time to find a place where you and your luxury escort can quench your thirst. Ghent offers a wide variety of bars, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect place where you and your high-class escort can enjoy a refreshing drink. For a more authentic experience, you might want to consider the Dulle Griet, who offers an impressive selection of Belgian beers. You could also take your international escort to The Cobbler, where you can both enjoy a delicious cocktail. A perfect place to get to know your high-end escort a bit more, with a stunning view over the historic city.

Ghent may be small but when it comes to gastronomy, it certainly knows how to pack a punch. You and your high-class escort are about to discover an amazing variety of mouth-watering dishes that perfectly marry quality ingredients with rich and intense flavours. Kin Khao, located in the historical city centre, offers the best of the best of Thai cuisine. It was awarded the prize of "The Best Thai" Belgium in 2020 by the renowned Gault & Millau. If you and your luxury escort are more into Belgian cuisine, then you might consider Roots. A very trendy restaurant in the heart of the lively Patershol district. They offer the best of Belgian cuisine with great vegan and vegetarian options. Combined with an excellent selection of natural wines.  

Independent Travel Escorts

After enjoying your dinner, it’s time to take your date in a more intimate direction. Ghent offers a wide range of hotels where you and your high-end escort can enjoy each other for the rest of the night. Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof, located in a beautiful Louis XIV style building is a more exclusive hotel where you and your luxury escort can spend an unforgettable night. 1898 The Post is a small designer hotel located in the upper floors of Ghent’s old post office building. The natural earth colors of the interior design creates a relaxed feeling of being at home.

Whatever your choice will be, we are convinced it will be a night you won’t forget. Enjoy!