Oh, Hong Kong, you have my heart… Lots of street food has been sampled, but here are some restaurants worth revisiting. We might stop at some food stalls on the way back. Just saying.


PIIN WINE RESTAURANT (CENTRAL) is a Michelin Guide recommended restaurant known for its curated wine selection and Cantonese cuisine. Hong Kong has an AMAZING food scene, but I gotta start with some Cantonese deliciousness. Everything on the menu makes me drool… The crispy chicken wings… Hot n sour soup… It’s sophisticated but has an overall relaxed feeling, which is what Hong Kong generally leaves me feeling like. <3  HMM, I almost forgot about the deboned crispy chicken! 


Do you know who has lobster linguini that does not disappoint? CAFÉ LANDMARK’S (CENTRAL) does. A Western-style café that serves quality food. It’s one of those restaurants that don’t get much hype or isn’t really a spot where everyone's dying to go, but I think it’s one of those stable places that never disappoint. It’s comfy. It has a similar feel to La Table in Paris! In the middle of a mall (or commercial complex if mall feels a bit too 2007?), you’d think the ambiance would be weird and the food sub-par, but it’s actually all very, very good! 


RED HOUSE (CAUSEWAY BAY) DUCK, wrap it up and devour! Warning; I have never been able to accomplish eating properly while trying to stuff a stuffed wrap in my mouth. Dim sum was pretty good, too! Wherever I go… If there is dim sum on the menu - imma get it, no exceptions. Make sure to get a private table!  


Next up, we have the Italian restaurant CARBONE (CENTRAL). Romantic and delicious, I think Carbone can be the perfect way to start - or end - a date! The place has old school qualities or even kitsch; perhaps, the pasta dishes are delicious, nice jazzy music, and the service did not disappoint. 


MOTT 32 (CENTRAL) is the very first restaurant I tried in HK. As an award-winning restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine, it did not disappoint! Do you want to know how good it was? It’s so good I still remember eating at this place when I had some time to kill on a mere layover in Hong Kong from years ago. I checked out the latest reviews, and it still seems to be worth a visit! Of course, I had duck, what did you expect?? *chef’s kiss*

I also love their decor; I think this is my favorite from the list! Also!!! Their newly opened location in Singapore makes me want to go and visit! 



I have to open this list with THE UPPER HOUSE (CENTRAL). There are many iconic hotels in Hong Kong, but this one is special to me. It’s the one hotel I wanted to stay in when I anticipated my first trip to Hong Kong. I knew it wasn’t gonna disappoint, and it didn’t!!! I have yet to stay in one of their penthouses. Understated luxury is the way to describe the hotel. The city & mountain views NEVER get old… I dream about them daily! 


ROSEWOOD HONG KONG (TSIM SHA TSUI) has a vibe that makes you feel at home… I could spend my life living in different Hong Kong hotels; this would be on heavy rotation. Attentive staff when you need them, and otherwise, they seem too busy and don’t pay any mind when checking out (which, I honestly do not mind). Just a proper hotel, you know! 


A place I have yet to visit personally but am dying to (I’m just going to go to HK again, in general) is THE PENINSULA (TSIM SHA TSUI). Timeless glamour. Make sure you get a room with an unobstructed view of Victoria Harbour! Man, Hong Kong is an endless playground. No matter how much I research this magical and majestic city, another item is added to my “must absolutely do” list. This hotel is one of them. 


SHANGRI-LA (CENTRAL) is another classic. Rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, the view, the red mahogany wall panels that make you feel as if you’re in a movie… I stayed here to attend a function with my date, and it felt very old-school but in the best way possible. I had a fantastic time!


Oh, the Langham. It combines British heritage, Art Deco, and sophisticated glamour all into one place. First class service in my experience. The view isn’t waw, so if you really want a room with a view - make sure you check before booking! I wouldn’t complain if I had to stay again in THE LANGHAM (TSIM SHA TSUI), though.  

Written by Ada