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In my group of friends, I am mainly seen as a smiley, crazy, positive, and honest woman. If I am asked for an opinion, you can be sure of a sincere answer.


The glass-half-full is definitely what typifies me. I like the best that life has to offer. I appreciate the small things with genuine interest and passion.


I'm slightly introverted, but not shy, I
open up very quickly and then you see the extroverted me. My most important personality traits are that I am sensual, independent, and authentic.

I embrace my curvy body to the fullest and to stay fit, I train with a personal coach and I run regularly. 

I'm really not your standard escort, no matter what, I like to stay true to myself above all else.


Name: Jazzlynn


City: Antwerp

Height173 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Dress size: 38

Cup size: C

Natural or enhanced: Natural

Tattoo's: Yes

Body type: Hourglass

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: White-Flemish

Gastronomic preferences: French and Italian
Travel: National and international
Incall, outcall, or both: Both

Smoker: No

Languages and level of mastery: Dutch- fluent, English- good

Occupation: Healthcare practitioner

Leisure activities: Dining out, going out for drinks, sports, travel, anything really as long as I can enjoy myself!

Preferred dates: Flexible

Favorite gifts: Your choice, otherwise it isn't a gift


1 Hour                          350€  
2 Hours                          600€

4 Hours                        1.000€

6 Hours                       1.200€

8 Hours                       1.400€

12 Hours                      1.700€

24 Hours                      2.700€



1. What attracted you about the lifestyle to start working as a high-class escort?

I like the social contact, the discoveries, and the mystery that the
job has to offer.

2. How would you characterize yourself sexually?

Silent waters, deep grounds. I am very sexual, I like to explore things and I like it a bit naughtier.

3. What motivates you to work hard?


My goals! I am very entrepreneurial and I have goals that I want
to achieve. One of them is to run a Wellness.

4. What makes you laugh the most?

Hmm .. you? the people I feel comfortable with.

5. If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

My best friend, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Mila kunis

6. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Treat it the way you want to be treated.