my friends describe me as someone with two different personalities I can be very sweet, smiley, and open-minded but at the same time very serious in business and in my daily activities, my time is really precious which is why I am highly selective in my surroundings.


 I love to take risks in life and have a particularly strong mindset that goes with it, have seen and experienced a little bit of everything in life and I know that everything is possible. So yes I certainly see the glass as half full. For me, life is like a dream and you are the designer of your dreams so make it become glory.

I do many types of sports but primarily running and spinning. I love the adrenaline that goes through your blood at that moment!



Name: Monica

Age: Late 20's

Height171 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Dress size: 36

Cup size: C

Natural or enhanced: Natural

Tattoo's: No

Body type: Hourglass

Orientation: Bi-sexual

Ethnicity: Mixed

Gastronomic preferences: Asian and French cuisine
Travel: National and international
Incall, outcall, or both: Outcall

Smoker: No

Languages and level of mastery: Dutch, English - fluent, French - basic

Occupation: Self-employed 

Leisure activities: Daytrading global, studying marketing, psychology

Preferred dates: A dinner date with a pleasant conversation is an ideal date, although I like discretion I find it interesting when my date opens up and can be completely himself.

Favorite gifts: I always really like the cliches like bags and shoes and I also like spa visits and perfumes.



1 Hour                             N/A
2 Hours                          700€

4 Hours                        1000€
6 Hours                        1400€
8 Hours                       1.600€
12 Hours                      2.000€
24 Hours                      3.000€


1. What attracted you about the lifestyle to start working as a high-class escort?

I truly like exciting encounters and everything that comes with it.

2. How would you characterize yourself sexually?

I am very sexual. When I walk down the street, despite my classy outfits I still radiate sex and so men always tend to approach me spontaneously. I am also into BDSM and love to play a dominant role.

3. What motivates you to work hard?


Hard work is the representation of how I see life. How can you enjoy a holiday for example if you never leave your comfort zone?

4. What makes you laugh the most?

Many things can make me laugh when I feel comfortable in the company that I am spending time with.

5. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Please don't push my buttons.

How do you want to be contacted?

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