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Blog by escorts: Alison - Get ready with me

Tonight we have a date, a date. You and me. Exciting… :-)

Getting ready for this is so much fun, I enjoy it, I LOVE IT!

Most of all I like to take my time.

Throughout the day I already fantasize about which outfit I'm going to wear. Would I wear a dress? Or rather elegant trousers with a sexy, stylish blouse, or a skirt with stockings underneath? Sometimes you yourself indicate what you like, and I have no problem with that. Give me a hint and I'll give it my personal touch. I will always stay true to myself.

I want to exude class, I want you to be proud when you walk into a restaurant with me, for example. Behind closed doors, of course, there can be more, if you like ;-).

I take a nice long hot shower and pamper myself. Afterwards I cover myself from head to toe with my favorite body lotion. My velvety skin will surely charm you. I wrap myself in a warm bathrobe and then carefully choose my lingerie and outfit.

Then it's time for makeup. This is my favorite part. I can completely indulge myself in this. I'm a real perfectionist in that area. Above all, it should look beautiful and sophisticated, no excessive layers of foundation or clumping mascara. Again, I like it classy! Less is more. Although I also like beautiful bright red lips, or a sensual smokey eye. All depends on my mood. But I promise you, it will look good!

Hair styled and almost good to go.

I feel a healthy tension going through my body.

While I put on my sexiest lingerie I fantasize about you. What do you look like? Are you kind, sweet, dominant or rather compliant? Are you nervous or very confident? One thing is certain: I feel sexy, I feel beautiful and above all I feel like a woman. I'm going to do everything I can to give you (and hopefully myself too ;-)) a wonderful time.

A little more perfume et voila!

Get ready darling, cause I'm on my way!

X, Alison