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Booking an escort from A to Z - Part 1: Research

Updated: Jan 4

Going on a date with a high-class escort model is something that has crossed the mind of many men (and women). After all, who doesn't want to spend hours in the company of a beautiful, charming, and sensual woman, no strings attached? For some it will remain a daydream, others are well experienced and are seeing escorts monthly or weekly.

No matter if you are an established escort client, totally new to the industry, or anywhere in between, in this blog series, you will find a clear path to make a date with a high-class escort become reality.

The blog series will be in 3 parts: research, contacting a high-class escort, the date. It will be split up to be able to give you enough helpful information for your first or next escort date.

Exploring your options

The first thing that needs to be done is some research. The best way to book an escort is online. There are hundreds of sites in Belgium alone where you can find escorts offering their services independently or through an agency.

To start you should ask yourself what is essential for you? Do you have certain external features that are important? Blonde hair, not too short, not too tall, slim, or rather curvy? Maybe you don't care that much about looks and are looking for a certain personality or service. In the escort industry, there is not much room for judgment. Be honest with yourself and the escort that you are interacting