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Booking an escort from A to Z - Part 3: The date

Updated: Jan 4

In previous parts we covered the fundamental research that needs to be done before booking an escort, ways to contact an escort and in this part we will discuss the actual date.

No matter how enjoyable it is, escort dating usually involves some nervous feelings for most clients. After all, you are getting intimate in multiple ways with someone that you just met. The good news is that 9 times out of 10, the woman on the other side of the date is dealing with the same exciting butterflies.

So what can you do on your end to make the date run smoothly? How do you prepare?

Getting ready

When asking escorts what they find most important with a client, they will all say the same: hygiene. Having impeccable hygiene is a form of respect towards the woman that you are meeting and a non-negotiable for escorts. On her side you can be assured that there is a complete beauty ritual that takes place before she meets you. So take a moment of extra time grooming and freshening up as well. It will be valued.

If you are inviting her to your home, make sure your place is tidy and clean. Make sure there is a comfortable place where you both can sit and get to know each other. Be stocked up on some drinks and snacks. Extra points if you ask her what she likes prior, small details like that don't go unnoticed and are always welcomed.

Of course, if you are meeting at a hotel or spa, those things are taken care of for you.

Welcoming her

When that knock at the door comes, the excitable sensations might go through the roof. No need, the fun is just beginning. Open the door and welcome her in, take her coat, offer a drink. Be a gentleman.

Let her work her magic. Most escorts are extraverted women who have no problem starting and sustaining a conversation. They positively enjoy meeting new people and will be engaged in what you have to say. As much as you are comfortable sharing of course.

Let things flow naturally, savour the experience and see where it leads you. Definitely don't worry too much about making the first move. Escorts are habitually very intuitive women who know what to do and when to do it.

However, one thing that should never be done is pouncing on her the second she walks in. Escort dating, especially in the higher segment, is much more than being physically intimate. It's about developing a connection, getting to know each other, teasing, flirting,... so when you are intimate with each other, it will be even better.

Dinner dating is perfect for that. Sitting at a table, just the two of you, talking. the perfect way to get to know one another in a pleasant environment. The 2/2 ratio is usually what works best. 2 hours at dinner and 2 hours of private time.

Payment and time

What differentiates escort dating from regular dates is that it does have a time limit in some way and is involved with compensation. Two things that tend to be delicate and can make new clients and new escorts uncomfortable.

The most classy way of going about the compensation is having it ready in an envelope at the beginning of the date. The quicker you get it out of the way, the quicker you can both unwind and enjoy yourselves. If you are looking to be more innovative, I have heard of clients using a book that she would like instead of an envelope, or something else that reminds you of her. Not necessary but nice.

When it comes to the clock, the escort will usually make sure that she is wearing a watch of is able to discretely be informed about the time. Do not try to get extra time for free. It is a sign of disrespect for her work and will not be appreciated.

A recap

Escorts will always appreciate:

  • Perfect hygiene

  • A clean environment

  • Getting to know each other first

  • Discrete payment at the start of the date

  • Respect for her boundaries

  • Open communication

But most importantly, remember that she is only a phone call (or email) away from the next date.