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Booking an escort from A to Z - Part 2: Contacting a high-class escort

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You found a high-class escort on TCR that you would like to meet. Her contact info is there, but you are not sure how to contact her directly.

Since TCR is growing fast, I have been getting more and more clients on the chat asking me how they should interact with the escort they are interested in. Do they prefer email or a call? What should I disclose at the beginning, and so on?

Prioritize the online booking form and email

In most cases, the high-class escorts on the website will favor a nicely written email or a request directly from the booking form.

The online booking form can be found at the bottom of each escort's profile. It asks the 3 most essential questions for a successful and efficiently planned date: An introduction, your expectations from your time together, and practical info. The information is a great base to start with. It gives her a good idea of what you are proposing and if it suits her without energy-consuming back and forth.

If you do prefer an email, make sure to give as much information as possible in the first contact. It is important to know that all escorts work independently and are, next to also working a full-time job, the only ones handling their communication. Getting clear and comprehensive information from the beginning will save them headaches and will make your request stand out and be handled with more interest and attention.

Now, what do you disclose about yourself?

Understandably, you will want to protect certain aspects of your privacy as well.

Start with your name, age, and a short description of your looks. There are not many high-class escorts that will be biased when it comes to looks; however, they do like to know who they will meet. It takes away a bit of the ''blind date effect'' and can put them at ease more. If you want to give any additional information about your home situation, job, or hobbies, that is always welcomed but usually not prioritized.

Next, you talk about your expectations. What kind of person are you, what are your needs and preferences? This way, she will get a better understanding if she can provide what you are looking for, and it will up the chances of having a successful date. Services are important but avoid giving a menu list of what you want without much context.

Lastly, she will need the practical info for the date. The day, starting time, duration, location, etc. Sometimes you might not have a set date in mind and are just contacting her for information first. That is fine as long as you let her know.

How to be a gentleman through the phone

I do understand the appeal to skip over the email thing and give her a phone call. Easier, quicker, and you can hear her voice, which is understandably a key component for many men.

Once again, keep in mind, most high-class escorts have their own businesses next to escorting or work a full-time job, are still studying. The chance of them waiting next to the phone is minimal. To avoid catching them at a bad time, send a text or WhatsApp first. Ideally, you would write a shorter version of the email format and finish with the question for a phone call. This way, she does have some idea about who you are and what you desire going into the phone call.

Here, even more, you will stand out tremendously from all the ''are you free now?'' texts that she gets often.

In conclusion: when you use those 3 questions as a guideline and put in some effort to communicate respectfully, she will gladly see your request come in, and the biggest step for a successful date has been made.