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hey beauty,

You really gave me a great experience. Couldn't have imagined it better, good vibe, good conversations, good sex, good everything.
Thanks for being so amazing. At a hotel, weekend away.. We will see each other again.

For now sleep well and good luck with your first day of school tomorrow :)





Name: Chloe

Age: Mid 20's

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Dress size: 36

Cup size: D cup 

Natural or enhanced: enhanced

Tattoos: 1 very small one, non-detectable with clothing

Body type: Slim

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Mixed

Gastronomic preferences: I like everything as long as it tastes good.
Travel: International
Incall, outcall, or both: Outcall

Smoker: Occasional

Languages and level of mastery:

 Dutch - native

English - fluent

Services: Girlfriend Experience - Pornstar Experience - Kink - BDSM/Submissive - Erotic massage

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Occupation: Student

Leisure activities: Good food, swimming, getting massages and Netflix 

Preferred dates: Dinner and spa dates

Favourite gifts: Jewelry, sweet perfume and lingerie


'' Chloe is a true hidden gem. She combines her sexy looks in such a natural way that she becomes irresistible. Perfectly balancing the art of simultaneously standing out and being discrete and classy.


Her kind and genuine personality shines through quickly when meeting her. Combined with her flirty attitude and independent spirit, Chloe is one that you don't want to miss out on. ''



Gentle, caring en sensible but a lot of character. That's the way I prefer to describe myself. I'm a very perceptive person and always pay a lot of attention to how others are feeling. I want to put people at ease and enjoy a nice and carefree time with my company. My compassion extends to animals as well, I am a real animal lover.

Next to my sensitive surface, I do house a very different side to me. I am a highly sensual person with a rather huge sex drive and an insatiable need to flirt. Which was actually my reason for starting to work as a high-class escort. 


I always take life as it comes and try to see the best in everything with a big portion of humour and playfulness. 




1 HOUR         -         N/A

2 HOURS       -        650€


6 HOURS       -        1.300€

8 HOURS       -        1.600€


3 HOURS       -           850€

4 HOURS       -        1.000€


12 HOURS       -        2.000€

24 HOURS       -        3.000€


Blonde elite escort posing in luxury brown dress and purple soft lipstick

1. What inspired you to work in this industry?

My high libido and need for variety. You get to know new people and a lot of supplementary information that you wouldn't get otherwise.​

2. How would you characterize yourself sexually?

I love being submissive. In the right hands, I can totally surrender myself.

3. What does a date with you look like?


Getting to know each other in a relaxed and natural way, some teasing and a lot of flirting.​

4. What is the smartest thing you have done so far?

Living abroad for two years. Those are really the moments when you get to know yourself.​

5. What does a typical day in your life look like?

Cleaning my place (I find cleanliness very important), going for a run, studying a bit, and enjoying a nice movie or date in the evening.

6. What are you most proud of?

My body ;)