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       ✓    Financial independence - No percentage taken from your dates    

 ✓     A free premium photoshoot      

    Exclusive coaching and general support       

     Security checks for escorts during and after dates    

 ✕   Booking agent    


   Community access - Communication with other high-class escorts     


   Quality control - Customer and complaint support for escorts and clients    


      Personalised matchmaking      

     ✓       In-person verification of escort profiles        


Escort agency


On our website, we choose not to give a service list of explicit services. Although we understand it's convenient, our experience shows that most high-class escorts on this website prefer not to list them that way. 

Every client, situation and date is different. We believe the best sensual encounters with an elite escort happen when care is put into the research process—reading the profiles and communicating well with your chosen escort. 

Listing more general services gives you, the client, a chance to narrow your search to find the perfect match while allowing the escort to set up every date comfortably and naturally without feeling pressured. 

The Girlfriend Experience

Most, if not all, high-class escorts on our website offer The Girlfriend Experience. GFE is soft, romantic, sensual and also centred around the beautiful mental and emotional connection that can be made between high-class escort and client.

Virgin Service

The Virgin Service is for clients with little to no sexual background. The high-class escorts that offer this service are women who are experienced, patient and warm. Able to calm any nerves that you might have and teach you in the art of sexuality.


As it is so populair, BDSM deserves it's own place. BDSM is centred around discipline, dominance and submission. It can also involve other things like bondage. High-class escorts that enjoy BDSM are either dominant, submissive, and some are both.

Duo dates

One of the most frequently sought after fantasies is a threesome with two women (or for the adventurous clients even more than that). One of the benefits of TCR is that the high-class escorts that work through us are frequently in contact with each other and even meet on several occasions outside of bookings. This way they know who is a match to them and who isn't, making the success rate of a duo date much higher, which otherwise can be a bit of a hit or miss.

The Pornstar Experience

If GFE can be categorised as romantic, then PSE is lust and passion. Usually, The Pornstar Experience will involve more naughty services than GFE. Although its important to discuss any preferences with your high-class escort.


Kink is a general term for all sexual preferences that differ from the "normal". BDSM is the most commonly known one but kink also involves roleplay, fetishes and other. Elite escorts that offer KINK tend to be very open-minded and adventurous. However, as with all services, respect and communication are key.

Erotic massage

Other than a normal massage, an erotic massage by a high-class escort is both a relaxing and very sensual experience for all the senses. Usually this service is not the main focus of the date but it can be added as a little extra.


A great deal of couples chooses to invite a second woman into the bedroom. Instead of dealing with the awkwardness that comes with asking a friend, booking a high-class escort is usually a much better solution. Elite escorts that cater to couples are discrete, confident, open-minded and understand the many variables that a couple experience brings.


Duo services

Straight duo

An escort duo that focusses their attention on the client and not so much on each other. Straight duos will not interact sexualy with one another.


Although this is a service that you can also enjoy with a single escort model, roleplay becomes even more interesting with an extra girl in the mix.


An escort duo offered by two submissives. The client will be the dominant in this scenario.

Bisexual duo

An escort duo that focusses their attention on the client and on each other. Bisuexual duos will also interact sexualy with one another.


An escort duo offered by two dominas. The client will be the submissive in this scenario.


An escort duo offered by one dominatrix and one submissive. The client can be the second dom, sub or something else; the perfect chance to get creative.

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