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Lina - Your first time

Didn’t we all experience a ‘first time’?


Yes we have! And it normally is an event we won’t easily

forget, whether it was a nice, a not so good or even a bad experience. That first time stays engraved In our mind and memory or at least in our subconsciousness.


Your first kiss, your first time going to the cinema, your first holiday experience, your first love, your first heartbreak, your first sexual intercourse,… Ooooh those first times.


We often fantasize about them beforehand, we long for them to happen, we make up different scenarios, and imagine how it will go… And in general in our head those first times are perfect. There are like in the movies, roses and fireworks, heavenly and blissful, and definitively something worth remembering. A first time that puts a smile on your face each time you rethink about it.


Don’t we all want that?


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