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"I am a captivating individual distinguished by my radiant blonde hair, drawing attention wherever I go. As a teacher, I possess a unique blend of knowledge and charisma that makes my classes memorable. My stature and self-confidence command respect in any environment I enter.

Beyond my professional life, I am passionate about expressing sensuality and elegance. When I step onto the dance floor, my blonde locks sway to the rhythm of the music, reflecting my love for movement and sensual expression. Dance is more than a mere pastime for me; it is an art form allowing me to escape, unwind, and connect with my inner self.

With each step, I showcase grace, elegance, and an undeniable talent that captivates those around me. My ability to balance the structured world of teaching with the fluid realm of sensuality reveals my versatility. Outside of my professional commitments, I actively participate in sensual venues and elegant events, always eager to broaden my horizons.

My passion for sensuality serves as inspiration, encouraging others to explore their desires with fervor. My devotion to personal fulfillment is evident in every graceful gesture, highlighting the power of bodily expression.

Many describe my presence as a beacon of positivity, illuminating every space with my contagious energy and sensual enthusiasm. My blonde hair, sometimes tied in a bun during my commitments, cascades freely when I surrender to the rhythm of sensuality. Students and colleagues alike look up to me, acknowledging my dedication, passion, and zest for life. When I'm not shaping minds or bringing sensuality to the forefront, I enjoy sharing my knowledge by frequently organizing workshops and mentoring those aspiring to explore their sensuality.

My ability to seamlessly blend my professional life with my passion for sensuality reflects my versatility and determination. My journey serves as a reminder of the importance of pursuing our passions, embracing every opportunity for growth, learning, and dancing through life with grace and confidence, awakening the sensuality within each of us."



Spontaneous, enthusiastic, smiling


Elegant, natural, sexy


Active , naughty , open-minded



Name: Ellen

Age: Late 20's

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Dress size: 36

Cup size: B

Natural or enhanced: Natural

Tattoos: Yes, 4 small ones

Body type: Slim

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Services: GFE , Kink , PSE ,Virgin services , BDSM/Dom ,  Erotic massage , duo , couples .

Gastronomic preferences:

all type of food can be delicious if prepared well.

Base country : Belgium
Travel: Worldwide
Incall, outcall, or both:Outcall only

Smoker: Non-smoker

Languages and level of mastery:

Dutch - Native

French - Very good

English - Very good

Spanish - Basic

German - Basic

Occupation: Independent
Leisure activities:  

Gogo dancing, kickboxing


Preferred dates: Diners,wellness

Favourite gifts

amouage parfums, nice black sneakers, lingerie

Favorite Hotels: 

 The Hotel ( Bxl )

Favourite Wellness :

Sabu Sabu (Aartselaar)

Favourite restaurants:



"A gorgeous blonde with endless legs is sitting next to me on the couch.

Ellen reaches her head forward slowly, closes her eyes, and releases a sigh of delight as she kisses ... Lola.

Both beauties turn towards me; Lola smiles knowingly as she whispers a kiss to me.

Ellen's cherry-colored mouth touches my cheek and slowly moves towards my lips, as she starts to kiss me tenderly, then passionately. How can lips be that soft, eyes that beautiful, and a smile that cute?

I spent an afternoon with a model and a beauty queen!

Three hours and two bottles of bubbles later, after a marathon of fun and laughter, eye-flickering and champagne-spilling ecstasy, the suite looks like a battlefield.

Thank you, sweet Ellen, for this wonderful “afternoon sauvage” with Lola and me. All my fantasies came true, and even some I did not know I had ;O)



1 Hour - 450€ 2 Hours - 750€

6 Hours - 1.500€ 8 Hours - 2.000€

3 Hours - 1.000€ 4 Hours - 1.250€

12 Hours - 3.000€ 24 Hours - 4.000€

Mentioned here are our most requested locations nationwide and internationally with the demanded minimum duration of your chosen high-class escort.

* The additional travel fee applies in case a shorter booking than the minimum duration is requested in the models home country; when booking her minimum duration or longer, there is no travel fee.


 For international dates, the travel fee is to be added to the hourly fee.

Home country locations are distinguished by or, international locations are marked by and.































1. What inspires you to work in this industry?

What inspired me to work in this industry stems from my passion for helping individuals fulfill their secret desires. Observing the challenges many people face in their personal lives, I felt a deep desire to contribute to their well-being and fulfillment.

2. How would you characterize yourself sexually?

I am a naughty girl who likes to please and take pleasure and discover .

3. What does a date with you look like?

A perfect date start with a good conversation with a drink, being a real girlfriend.

4.What is the smartest thing that you ever done?

To start thinking about myself and not about others anymore.

5. What does a day in your life look like?

Every day is different, and that’s the most fun thing about it. You never know what will come.

6. What are you most proud of?

What I've achieved till now. I’m proud to be a woman, proud of my goals and my dreams. Because that’s the start of everything.

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