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5 Things to consider before starting as a high-class escort

Escort work, and in particular high-class escort work, is something many young and mature women are curious about. Many women imagine a glamorous world, filled with fancy dinners, jewellery and fast money. Although there is an element of that to it, you should take all aspects into account.

Sex work can be very freeing, educative and financially beneficial if done right and for the right reasons.

1. Think about your reasons for escort work

In all the years that I have been doing this, by far, the most frequently given reason for starting escort work is to be able to flirt and date with no strings attached, while making a nice living and becoming financially independent. And who wouldn't?

Another frequently heard motivation, mainly by younger women is the opportunity to combine a nice living with their bachelor or masters degree. The option to do a few dates a month instead of integrating studies with a full-time job is an appealing choice.

Lastly, there are a lot of women who are simply looking to expand their horizons, meet new people and add some adventure to their lives.

Take some time to think about your reasons. What are you hoping to gain out of this?

If it is purely financial, in my experience, you won't last very long. And that might even be okay. Maybe you are only looking into doing it for a short time and for a small financial push. As long as you are still committed to providing yourself and your clients with a good experience for that short period, there is no shame in that. Be sure to have a strong financial plan and a clear way out.

However, if you plan to be in it for a longer time and build a business out of it, there needs to be some passion for people, an interest in sexuality, physicality and the psychological aspects of individuals.

Think about what position you want sex work to have in your life and how you plan to benefit from it.

2. Set up your financial goals

The next step is setting up a useful financial plan. It doesn't need to be professionally set up at first, you can easily do it yourself.

Determine what your financial goals are for the nearby future and for the long run. Are there any debts that need to be paid off or are you looking to save more? Put your goals before you clearly and keep them in mind during your career as a high-class escort.

Also, decide what you will do once you reach those goals. Even if you don't intend to immediately quit, use your goals as review points: are you still enjoying the work, what is the next destination that you want to reach,...

High-class escort work without any financial goals in sight can be dangerously addictive, so keep that in mind.

3. Determine your boundaries

Next are boundaries. One of the most important elements when it comes to keeping the work fun, healthy and safe.

Write down your pro's and cons list, just for yourself. Think about what you are comfortable doing, what you are absolutely not okay with, and what you are interested in experimenting with. Do yourself a favour and stick to the list. It happens too often that women are lured into doing things they don't want to for the sake of more money.

Boundaries are not only for dates and clients, they can also extend to the agency you are planning to work with, marketing, and even yourself.

Carefully write down your non-negotiables and stick to them!

4. How will you protect your energy

Some women that I had the pleasure of working with really found their dream job in working as high-class escorts. For others, it's a great addition to their already existing career in another industry. Dream job or secretive double-life, no matter how fun, we can't overlook how much sex work really asks of you.

Everyone is always focused on the physical side. In my experience, women who make the conscious choice to work as high-class escorts, have no problem being physical with clients. They are usually women who have an above-average interest in sex anyways. But many starting luxury escorts tend to overlook what it means to give yourself emotionally as well.

A good high-class escort will want to make a strong connection with her client. Even though this can be very satisfying and a beautiful experience for both, it asks a lot. You will need time to recharge.

For some this means only doing a set amount of dates a month, for others it will be in the form of taking a break every three months. Some take unplanned trips for a few days and come back fully recharged, whatever works for you.

Every job needs a break sometimes, just make sure you know that sex work is no different.

5. Find the right marketing

Last but not least, find the right website to work with.

If you are more interested in working with an agency, take the time to read their website and find out how they work. Be sure to meet with the agent to feel if there is a match, you will be working closely after all.

If you are more curious about working independently there are plenty of ad sites where you can put an ad up. As independent high-class escort, it's important to have excellent pictures and a precise description of yourself. If you would like to know more about our marketing for independent high-class escorts please visit the about page.


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