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Blog by escorts: Bella - My view on escorts

Escort, priestess of love, Hetaira, a woman who carries love and passion. She has a bewitching appearance, but not only, she is intelligent, well-mannered, educated, cheerful and playful and full of sexual energy.

The warmth of her soul, the fire of her desires, her rich world and enlightenment in many sphere’s can work wonders. Her rich essence makes people, gentlemen and ladies around her enjoy, saturate and feed on her passion.

She is like Aphrodite who can make the world blossom with her beauty and love, but on the same time she is like Enyo, a mythological goddess of war, capable of destroying everything in her path….

An escort accompanies not only physical sexuality, but also the mind of a man. Dipping him into her world, she gives him her energy, inspiration and support. Fulfills his deepest, secret intimate desires, and feeds on his satisfaction.

Escorts just like a geishas, ​​reflected in the mirror of perfection. The task is to fill the space around her. But how to fill it if there is nothing inside yourself? Therefore, our efforts are primarily aimed at constant self-development, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually.

Being in the process of inner perfection all your life. She filled herself, like a vessel, with beauty and harmony, and now she is able to share it generously with her companions.

She is your mistress, your slave, your queen, your passion and fire, lust and lewdness, she is everything a real man can dream of.



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