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Blog by escorts: Camila - Is there competition in the escort business ?

As you are scrolling through the different online platforms catering to the adult

industry, you might get to the conclusion that this segment knows some tough

competition. All these beautiful women displaying themselves in hope of having

some validation through clients choosing them. Right ?


If this might have crossed your mind, I want to share my view on this subject.

Competition in this market is just a fantasy to me. It is common to think that an

environment that is mostly constituted of women is going to be hostile, with them

being as catty and mean as one would imagine. Although I am all for people having

their own fantasies, I think it’s about time to let this one die.

When I decided to join this industry, one of my biggest fears was indeed

competition. And who would think otherwise when one is young, struggling with their

self-esteem and being confronted to the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen ? It

was almost four years ago. And let me just say that throughout this entire journey, I

was proved very wrong. Down the road, I got to know amazing girls in this segment,

actual friends you can open up to and that can obviously relate to your life in some

way. I didn’t really find competition, I found support.

The escort market today is saturated, that’s a fact. It is becoming less and less taboo

in our society, a lot of people are intrigued and want to try themselves at the oldest

profession in the world. I truly encourage it, as if you do it right, it is truly the most

empowering experience you might get to live.

But why don’t I feel threatened by the market being saturated by newcomers and

established escorts ?

Well, as the offer on the market is growing, so is the demand ! A lot of men, women

or couples feel less ashamed to reach out to a companion for a new experience, or a

fantasy that they would like to fulfill. Some may only want to know how it feels, others

may develop a liking to being accompanied by gorgeous and cultivated women. This

is without even mentioning the regular clientele that has been here for years. So the

fear of missing out on clients should not be a concern.

The other reason I want to talk about might sound very cheesy, but I am going to say

it either way: Every escort is different in their own way. We all have different

personalities, different physiques and even different target audiences !

I don’t cater to everyone, nor do I want to. So why should I be afraid to see a new girl

that can satisfy whatever audience I am not targeting ? On the contrary , I would be

glad to see other clients having their desires addressed. That can only contribute to

the business in a positive way. It is not worth making it a personal concern.

I think the only concern as an escort to be successful is to be the most true-to-self as

possible. What is going to attract a client at first is definitely going to be your physique

and the way you portray yourself. But what is going to make clients long for you and

want to meet you again is your personality, your kindness and the quality of your

service. Nothing else. So, my piece of advice would be to stand out in what you do

and know best.

Don’t get me wrong, my point of view is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are escorts

who see other escorts as competition. They do not see the value of creating bonds

with some other companions or might just be jealous.

Some escorts will even go as far as sabotaging their colleagues by posting negative

reviews or by not wanting to share their experience with risky clients that they met for

example. They will try to attract the most clients by dropping down their rates or

indulging in some unsafe practices which will contribute to an unsafe environment for

the other companions.

That is very unfortunate as they are missing out on the fun of belonging to an

amazing community that empowers every member of it. I can only feel sorry for

those ladies that see a problem in a flourishing business for everyone.


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