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Blog by escorts: Hailey - Toys for bedtime adventures

Both inside and outside the escort world, you will find an extremely extensive range of extras to take quality time in the bedroom to a higher level. Each and every one of them, in their own way, ensures that both parties can enjoy themselves and end up in higher spheres.

Of course, the fun translates differently from person to person. Where one customer is more likely to opt for a soft aid, another customer will experience pleasure through, for example, (soft) BDSM. The toys that apply to these customers will therefore differ.

That just as a general introduction to now move on to my own personal preference. As mentioned in my biography, I am a person who enjoys intimacy on different levels. I love variety and going on an intimate journey of discovery with my companion.

I therefore have no specific preference for 1 bed toy. My preference is based on the situation at that moment. I will therefore enjoy the toy that fits best in that context and that varies enormously. Do we go on a tender, gentle and loving journey together or do we rather take the path of passion and fire with a kinky undertone?

From discovering each other's bodies with feathers and tufts to handcuffs and a blindfold to keep the tension and adrenaline high throughout the adventure. A nice vibrator or dildo with different speeds and vibrations can certainly be the absolute addition for an unforgettable adventure under the sheets.

Nicely summed up, I can say that an adventure with me under the sheets can go in all kinds of directions. I like to make use of countless extra toys, of course according to the wishes and preferences of my bed partner. All with one specific goal in mind that I always work towards; together, fully satisfied and recharged, we bring our pleasure journey to a successful end.

Some links to my favorite toys and accessories:

Sweet Kisses Hailey xxx


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