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Blog by escorts: Hailey - Where dreams become reality

Escort, there is still so much taboo around this concept. A pity in my eyes because this job has been around as long as humanity has existed. It is also the oldest profession in the world and is also a domain that will always be around.

I've always said, from a young age: It's a job like any other. We are not allowed to (pre)judge or think in boxes.

I'll have to reconsider my opinion in the meantime. Escort is not a job like any other.

For me, this world is part of my future. I don't see this as work at all, but for me every appointment is a new challenge. I am, like the clew of my biography, a person who always wants to live on the border with adrenaline. Every day should bring a new challenge for me.

In my view, nothing should remain unexperienced during the course of my life. I am very open to pushing my limits & this job is perfect for this.

From the first message to agreeing the appointment & the final meeting as the last step… I go through every step with equal pleasure.

For years I have thought about taking a step into this world for so many reasons, now that I have finally taken the plunge I can only confirm that I put my heart and soul into every meeting.

This doesn't feel like work to me. It is always pure pleasure. It gives me a huge boost when I can make a man forget all his worries. If I can respond to his small or big desires and fantasies.

I gain so much confidence when men enjoy my presence. Both on an emotional level and physically, I want to give 200% to the man who surrenders to my presence.

I want to improve, learn, keep discovering and rediscovering every encounter. During my career as an escort I want to develop from a starting flower to a powerful rose. Ready to fill the room with all my sexual energy & let any man who takes this challenge with me move forward with a sparkling, renewed feeling.

I don't do disappointments but experience the job of my dreams every day & try to make all wishes come true within my reach!

Love, Hailey


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