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Blog by escorts: Lina - I am a woman

I am a woman, a real human being, I am flesh and blood, I have feelings, I experience emotions. I have a brain, I can think, I can analyze, I have an opinion, I can judge. I can make decisions. If I decide to stay, it's because I want to. If I want to leave, I have the right and liberty to do so.

I am pleasure, I am sex, I am devine, I breath, I feel, I sense, I drop into myself, in us, I explore, I tease, I surrender, I give, I play, I carress, I sqeeze, I like it slow. I want a lot and much more. I giggle, I laugh, I dance, I twerk (maybe not), I definitively move my hips, I shiver in ecstasy. Words turn me on, not that non-attentioned stroke on my clit. But it’s in the eyes (the eyes never lie chico), so look at me. It's in the attention, the presence, not looking desperately after instant gratification. You probably never resisted the Stanford marshmallow test then. Discover me, unwrap me like a present, be in awe, honour me. You will be mesmerized, and ask yourself: where was she all the time, does she really exist? I am a lot, but never enough. You can only know when you meet me.

I am a woman, I have a body, but my being is not my body. My time with you is not limited to exploring my body. I am an entire entity and my body is just a vessel, an envelope. I can decide to open up my body and present it in full glory. I can show you and use it as a tool for giving and receiving pleasure. But I am not my body. It's not yours to claim or even worse to force upon. My body is not a tool for your masturbation practice. Please restrain from contacting me if this is what you are looking for

But if you are willing to discover the deepness of the waves of an ocean. Can you be my rock?

Love & light, Lina

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