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Blog by escorts: Lina - Your first time

Didn’t we all experience a ‘first time’? Yes we have! And it normally is an event we won’t easily

forget, whether it was a nice, a not so good or even a bad experience. That first time stays engraved

in our mind and memory or at least in our subconsciousness. Your first kiss, your first time going to

the cinema, your first holiday experience, your first love, your first heartbreak, your first sexual

intercourse,… Ooooh those first times. We often fantasize about them beforehand, we long for them

to happen, we make up different scenarios, and imagine how it will go… And in general in our head

those first times are perfect. There are like in the movies, roses and fireworks, heavenly and blissful, 

and definitively something worth remembering. A first time that puts a smile on your face each time

you rethink about it. Don’t we all want that?


And that is what I want for you too!


So I am addressing myself to you: my dear curious, maybe a bit nervous gentleman or woman, or

couple. To those who will apply for my company for the very very first time. Because I genuinely

want your first time with me or any other girl to be close to perfect. So you finally decided in your

head that you want to see an escort, a provider or a companionship girl. You are seeking for a nice

encounter with a lady of your choice, you even start searching for it. I guess you still have 101

questions popping in your head. Let me give you some tips to make sure your first time hits close to a


Disclaimer 1: Even if you are not a ‘first-timer’ anymore. You can still read on too. It will be a nice

refreshment of your go-to’s how to look for and approach a possible new companion.

1)  Know what you want

What are you actually looking for? The variety of answers on this question is very large. And

all of them are valid, there is no right or wrong. It is a matter of knowing it very clearly for

yourself and being able to put it in words. Do you want a short time (so 2 hours) or a longer

encounter (4 hours and more). A quick fix, a sexual release or are you in need to dive deeper

and long for connection. Is it affection you are missing? Or are you just curious to experiment

new sexual stuff. Maybe even longing for a porn star experience? Are you stuck in some

monotony and you need variety. Or maybe you have a stressful job where you are in charge

all the time and you want to indulge in pleasure where somebody else will take care of you.

Do you have a kinky fetish that you want to try out? Is it important for you to have a nice

conversation first? Do you want some company during dinner-time? In all of these cases, you

will find a girl for every one of those needs. Not every provider will accept everything. But

you will definitely find your match. Then of course, you will know for yourself what physical

traits you prefer. Blond or brown, tall or shorter, slim or curvy, age range, tattoos or not,

natural or enhanced boobs, which languages does she need to speak and so on. These are all

characteristics on which you can base your choice.


2) DYOR (which means Do Your Own Research)

So once you know for yourself what you want, you can start looking for providers. Nowadays

this is mainly online. On TCR you can already find a wide range of girls, with all different

personalities, physical traits and physique. So take a coffee or tea and start looking at and

reading their profiles. Be thorough, and don’t just start contacting somebody by just taking a

glance at their pictures. No, put in the work, read her description and how she introduces

herself, some hidden gems can be in the text. And in this way you already get a kind of a

feeling of who she really is. The reviews stated online on the TCR site are genuine, double

checked and give an impression on how other people valued their company. A small tip: stay

away from external review sites to learn if other people had experiences with providers. Just

don’t read them. An experience is very subjective. And what one person likes, is a dislike for

somebody else. If you define what you want clearly and are able to express that in your

introduction you will get very far. If you still are unsure and don’t want to contact any of the

girls straight away, you can always fill in the Matchmaking form on the TCR website. You will

get recommendations based on your needs, which girl would fit the best.




3) Make a good introduction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So when you made your choice

and intend to contact me or any other girl, make sure you do it in a proper way. Find out first

how she prefers to be contacted. Do you need to fill in a booking form on a website, does she

prefer a text message, Whatsapp or a phone call. In general high class providers will be most

pleased with filling out a booking form on the website, or being addressed by email in a nice

and polite way with full sentences.

What should this introduction contain:

- a short introduction and description about yourself. And tell her it’s your first


- some compliments on the girl go a long way  and you can even explain why you

choose her

-  what you are looking for (companionship, girlfriend experience, kink, pornstar


- a precise proposal which includes the day you want to meet, the possible start hour,

the location (hotel, sauna, restaurant or other) and duration of your meet-up

- ask if a deposit is required (never discuss prices, see point 3 of my blogpost on


So in general a lot of stuff can be discussed by exchanging some mails back and forth. But

keep it professional, straightforward and to the point (see also number 5 on my blogpost on

Boundaries). Until you have set a date for a meet-up.


4) Prepare yourself

So you came a long way. Your day to meet-up is coming closer. Be a gentleman and confirm

your rendez-vous the day before. So that she knows it’s still on. If needed or asked you can

provide proof of your reservation of the hotel, sauna, restaurant or other (you can always

blank out personal details). Now the day has come: prepare yourself like she will prepare

herself for you. This means that you show up showered and clean, nicely dressed and make

sure you smell nice (including your breath). Nerves will speed up at 100% and there she is…

Even more beautiful than you imagined. The first thing you do is handing over an envelope

which contains her fee for the time you will spend together. She will kiss you on the cheek

and in less than 10minutes she will put you at ease. And memories of 'your first time' will be



Disclaimer 2: One last note for the non-first-timers. Try to restrain from telling us it’s your ‘first time’

when it isn’t. Don’t claim or pretend that. Maybe you do it, because you think it’s better that way or

you just want to make a good impression. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for seeing other girls

before us. Just be honest about it. And know also that we will notice it anyway, that we are not the

‘first one’ you see. If you lie about it, I will definitely lose some trust in you as a person, which would

be a pity.

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