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What should you include in your outcall bag as an escort

Imagine you're on a lovely date with a wonderful client. You talked for a while and things are starting to get more physical. When reaching into your bag, you notice you forgot the condoms. Highly irritating for your client, discomfiting for you.

A situation that you want to avoid at all costs.

One of the tips that I consistently give to new starting escorts is to have an ''outcall bag''. This includes all items that you might need on a date, eliminating any chances of you forgetting essentials. It also helps you to feel more prepared and confident leaving for your date.

Condoms and lube

It doesn't get more essential than this. Make sure you always have your own condoms when showing up for a escort date. Sometimes the client might provide them but I always recommend you to use your own. Buy your condoms in bigger quantities and in various sizes, for obvious reasons.

When looking at lube, buy water-based. Take your time to research the ingredients so that you don't have any discomfort later on.

Personal care products

With personal care products, I'm talking about anything you might need to feel refreshed, hygienic and sensual.

During the date you will want to freshen up a few times, this can happen quickly in the bathroom or during a shower. Make sure you have everything packed for this. Soaps, wet wipes, body cream, perfume, lip balm,... Stuff you would need to get ready at home.

I can recommend buying your favourite products double and in travel size, so you can permanently include them in your bag.

Toys and attributes

Toys are a great way to spice up a booking. Some clients might already ask for some extra attributes, others might be pleasantly surprised!

Bring toys that you know you will enjoy as well. No need to bring handcuffs when you don't enjoy being tied up for example.

You can always bring an additional lingerie set to show of or roleplay outfit. The perfect way to add some extra adventure to a hotel date for instance.

Massage oil is always a good idea. Make sure that you buy a bottle that can be closed securely. Nothing more aggravating than finding oil all over your belongings...


If you want to avoid walking past reception with sex hair, make sure you have at least a comb, some bobby pins and a hair tie with you.

Very simple items that can go a long way!

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